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After studying, for many years, all the scientific developments in fitness, and having working experience on the field of personal training, we created Power Fitness. We change everything you knew about fitness-training. We offer a full package of services combined with state of the art equipment, for all those who seek to see the positive effects of training in their everyday life and health.

With Power Fitness - Personal Training you perform the correct exercises with adapted duration and resistance, according to your personal needs and ambitions. You reach your targets following the suitable training program under the continuous guidance of your experienced Personal Trainer. This way you maximize the benefits for your appearance and health, in a very short time.

No matter what is your lifestyle, Power Fitness will offer you a suitable program. Will help you to build the body of your dreams, to have the physical condition you always wanted, to improve your health and your mood, and to recover back in perfect conditions after injuries. Ask us how....!!!

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"A healthy mind in a healthy body"
(Thales of Miletus)